Anxious Patients

Are you anxious about going to the dentist?

Dental anxiety is very common, often leading people to avoid going to the dentist, or feeling distressed when they do. We welcome nervous patients and try our best to put them at ease.

  • We have a friendly team who will reassure you and explain your treatment as much as you need.
  • On your first visit we will not do any treatment, you can come in and discuss your anxiety so we can work out the best way of overcoming it.
  • You can take your treatment at your own pace.
  • We use surface anaesthetic prior to injections to minimise the discomfort for all our patients.
  • We offer "happy air" sedation to children and adults. This is also helpful to patients who are not normally nervous but may need to have a complicated or long procedure. Happy air is breathed through a nosepiece and after a few minutes gives a feeling of warmth and calmness. It is a very safe technique which has been used for many years. It can be used just to help receive a local anaesthetic injection if this is what causes anxiety, or for the whole treatment session. It also calms an overactive gag reflex so can be used to help with impressions where this is a problem. Happy air sedation wears off quickly so after half an hour or so a patient can return to work or drive, so it doesn't interfere with the rest of their day. If you would like to try "happy air" please ask the dentist.
  • Some of our patients have found that listening to their own music or a relaxation recording during dental work helps them. If you would like to do this bring along your music and headphones.
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